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Kinugawa Turbo Adjustable Internal Wastegate Actuator for Mitsubishi EVO 1-3 DSM 4G63

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- Kinugawa Mitsubishi TD05H Evolution EVO 1~3 / Ganant VR-4 Adjustable Turbo Actuator. 

 Kit incl.

- 1 x actuator with bracket and rod

- 1 x spring or set (8 springs) will go with this actuator.

- 1 x anti-counterfeit tag


- Brand New


Please have a reference for our actuator spring pressure table. Our spring full-stroke displacement is 14.5 mm, the default preload will be set up to 2 nut turns (1.5 mm stroke displacement). You can adjust the preload stroke as the following table and the video. 

kinugawa turbo adjustable actuator spring setup 01

kinugawa turbo adjustable actuator spring setup 02
Please check the following video to learn how to replace the spring of the adjustable actuator.


Now you could adjust it more tightly with preload the rod end as following steps.

Step 1.: Preload 

You can preload the actuator rod to get a higher boost pressure. please check the following 2 videos