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How to use Kinugawa Anti-counterfeit Tags?

We launched the anti-counterfeit tag that comes with the Kinugawa turbocharger and CHRA balance report. Customers can check genuine status, product information, instruction of installation, troubleshooting via our cloud system.

Where to download the App?

App download Kinugawa Turbo Systems

How to use the App?

Touch Kinugawa an Anti-Counterfeit Tag 

1.Touch  Anti-Counterfeit filaments, randomly allocated on the Anti-Counterfeit Tag, are solid and 3-dimensional. Consumers can touch, feel and look at the Tag to verify its authenticity.

 Scan Kinugawa an Anti-Counterfeit Tag 

2. Scan Use the Wetrusty APP to scan the Anti-Counterfeit Tag and QR Code. Should scanning fails, customers can switch to manual mode, enter the Tag ID numbers to obtain the authenticated image provided by Wetrusty service.

Compare the defference between cloud and local 

3. Compare Compare your scanned image/photo with the authenticated image provided by Wetrusty. Pay close attention to the allocations of the Anti-Counterfeit filaments: their positions, shapes and quantities.

To facilitate comparison, customers can tap the screen to enlarge and drag images, or switch compare mode—“side by side” or “overlay” mode.

Production Information inquery

4. Product information inquiry

Product information inquiry: product information, traceability, logistics information, related websites and activities, company profile and websites, etc