Collection: Land Cruiser 1HD TD05 TD06 fits the stock manifold and dump pipe

1HD-FTE/1HD-FT/1HD-T Power Upgrade:
If you're looking to upgrade the power of your Landcruiser, we've got you covered. Our power upgrade process involves replacing the factory turbo with Kinugawa TD05 TD06 series. We carefully select and modify the replacement engine to meet your application’s low-end torque requirement and provide extra driveability. The best part is that this upgrade is not application-specific and can be fitted to any combination of intercooled or non-intercooled Landcruiser.

Turbo recommended power capacity.

  • TD05H-16G = Suitable up to 200HP
  • TD05H-18G = Suitable for 200-250HP
  • TD05H-20G = Suitable for 250-300HP (IF POWER GOAL IS 250HP, PLEASE SELECT THIS TURBO)
  • TD05H-16K = Suitable for 250-320HP
  • TD06SL2-18G = Suitable for 300-350HP
  • TD06SL2-20G = Suitable for 320-380HP