Collection: Kinugawa Turbo T3 V-band Turbine Housing for TOYOTA Landcruiser 1HZ

The Toyota 1HZ is an engine developed by Toyota Motor Corp. for the Landcruiser and the Coaster Bus of 1990. It replaced the previous (2H) heavy-duty engine which was being used in older Toyota Land Cruiser models. This engine generates more power and torque than the previous diesel Toyota Land Cruiser engine. Despite being 30 years old, the 1HZ still sees use in Landcruiser 70 Series production worldwide with the exception of Petrol-only markets and Euro 4 and Australian markets, where the 1GR-FE and 1VD-FTV Turbo-Diesel is supplied respectively. A popular engine in the 80 series Land Cruiser replaced the 70/75 series 2H in 1990.

Turbo recommended power capacity.

  • TD05H-16G = Suitable up to 200HP
  • TD05H-18G = Suitable for 200-250HP
  • TD05H-20G = Suitable for 250-300HP (IF POWER GOAL IS 250HP, PLEASE SELECT THIS TURBO)