Oil Leak from Compressor Seal

Oil Leak from Compressor Seal

The Oil leaks can be caused by many factors, the main factor being incorrect pressure within the compressor and turbine housings. Oil leaks can cause vital damage to the bearing systems and occur within seconds of turbocharging.

kinugawa turbo systems make sure that correct tightening of connections

Waring: The troubleshooting guide may only be conducted with the vehicle in drivable condition. Please stop the trials at signs of engine malfunction such as black smoke, excessive oil consumption, or run-away engine.

Firstly, please check the following 4 points before inspection of the turbocharger.

1. Compressor housing outlet, intercooler circuit, and connections.

2. Turbine Housing inlet, manifold circuit, gasket, and connections.

3. Turbine Housing outlet, dump pipe circuit, gaskets and connections.

4. Compressor housing inlet, air filter clean situation and connections.

When a turbocharger is installed correctly, it should NOT leak oil, however, there can be cases where oil leaks occur. The following highlights some of the main causes and signs of oil leaks.

Possible Cause


Possible Remedy

Restricted engine crankcase breather


Refer to engine manufacturer's manual, clear restriction

Turbocharger bearing housing sludged or coked


Change engine oil and oil filter, overhaul or replace turbocharger as required

Worn engine piston rings or liners


Refer to engine manufacturer's manual and repair as required

Burnt valves and/or pistons


Refer to engine manufacturer's manual and repair as required

Excessive dirt build up on compressor wheel and/or diffuser vanes


Clean in accordance with details/instructions from Kinugawa Turbo Systems

Turbocharger damaged


Find and correct cause of failure, repair or replace turbocharger as necessary

Dirty air cleaner


Clean or replace element according to manufacturer's recommendations

Restricted compressor intake duct


Remove restriction or replace damaged parts as required

Foreign object in exhaust manifold (from engine)


Refer to engine manufacturer's manual and remove obstruction

Restricted exhaust system


Remove restriction or replace damaged parts as required

Restricted turbocharger oil drain line


Remove restriction or replace damaged parts as required


  • Check for correct oil levels and pressure
  • Ensure air and oil drain systems are clear from blockages or restrictions
  • Check the exhaust system to make sure there are no leaks present
  • Do not use silicone on oil gaskets as it can easily become detached and block oil passages.
  • Ensure DPF (diesel particulate filter) and Catalytic converter are free of blockages
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