How to tell at a glance that it is a counterfeit?

How to tell at a glance that it is a counterfeit?

The best way is the Kinugawa anti-counterfeit tag comes with the balance reports or user's manuals. But the anti-counterfeit tags must download the specific app to verify yours, it really takes time and privacy issue we realized. 

kinugawa turbo systems balance reports with anti-counterfeit tags kinugwa turbo systems anti-counterfeit tag kinugawa turbo systems track your items information

kinugawa anti-counterfeit tag on the balance reports

There are 3 summary easy ways you can take action.
1. The actuator type: Our head of actuator type is 6-bolts fixed not as yours such as turb*smart look. 
2. The brand iron tag: The pins aligned centrally on the brand iron tag.
3. The MSRP: For example, Subaru WRX STi model, The ball bearing systems , The list price is above USD$1,000. We can't sell the price of USD$979. It's too low to profit. Our MSRP is USD$1199, you can have a reference.
kinugawa anti-counterfeit features at gt a glance
If you have any questions please contact us before purchase, email to or Facebook messenger "Kinugawa Turbo Systems". If purchased, contact the seller, eBay, Amazon or PayPal to solve the issue.


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