kinugawa free return label by FedEx

How we pick your return items by FedEx Express?

We offer a free return label by FedEx in the United States after we agree with each other. Please email ( or click the website right bottom chatbox to ask for an RMA number before we pick your items up. And please let us know when FedEx can arrange a pickup.
Here is the instruction for Return and Refund. We will be responsible for the return shipping fee and you will receive a FedEx email when the return process is activated, please confirm it.

First, please pack the returned items carefully with adequate protection to prevent damage during shipment.

Second, after printing the attached documents we email you, the example just as following the return labels show:
- Page 1: Consignee copy: please place in front of the pouch.
- Page 2~4: FedEx AWB copy: please place behind "consignee copy"
- Page 5~7: Invoice: please sign, and place behind "consignee copy".
Please place these in the shipping pouch and affix the pouch to the shipment.
(When the courier comes to pick up the package, you can ask the courier for a shipping pouch.)

Last,  the box and all documents should be given to the courier.

If the courier does not yet arrive on time, please inform us.

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