kinugawa turbo adjustable actuator spring set

How to replace the actuator spring and hold the boost pressure as the table described?

Firstly, please check the following 4 points before inspection of the turbocharger.

1. Compressor housing outlet, intercooler circuit, and connections.

2. Turbine Housing inlet, manifold circuit, gasket, and connections.

3. Turbine Housing outlet, dump pipe circuit, gaskets and connections.

4. Compressor housing inlet, air filter clean situation and connections.

kinugawa turbo systems make sure that correct tightening of connections

Waring: The troubleshooting guide may only be conducted with the vehicle in drivable condition. Please stop the trials at signs of engine malfunction such as black smoke, excessive oil consumption, or run-away engine.


Please have a reference of our actuator spring pressure table. Our spring full-stroke displacement is 14.5 mm, the default preload will be setup to 2 nut turns (1.5 mm stroke displacement). You can adjust the preload stroke as the following table and the video. 

kinugawa turbo adjustable actuator spring setup 01

kinugawa turbo adjustable actuator spring setup 02
Please check the following video to learn how to replace with the spring of adjustable actuator.

Now you could adjust it more tightly with preload the rod end as following steps.

Step 1.: Preload 

You can preload the actuator rod to get a higher boost pressure. please check the following 2 videos

BTW, Please make sure the manifold and the inter-cooler pipe that connected with the turbocharger without leak.

Step 2.: Replace it with our Big Head actuator

It can keep the valve seated longer achieving a higher peak boost, sooner
I can customize a suitable one for you if you want to choose this 2nd solution.

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I would like to replace Big Head actuator, I have already ordered for one on ORDER #IN1975R, Send me more details and video on how customize once I receive it, also some tables I can follow

Robert Ndegwa

my order #IN1682R sept 21

Is it possible to replace the wastegate actuator spring, with 0.8 bar instead of 1.0 bar ?
Thank you


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