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How to replace the actuator spring and hold the pressure as the table described?

Posted by Service Kinugawa on

Please have a reference of our acuator spring pressure definiation table. Our spring pressure is a full-stroke displacement pressure.

For example, if yours is 1.2 bar it will be initially pushed (start open) at 0.64 bar and fully open at 1.2 bar. If your demand is initial open is 1.2 bar you should choose 2.0 bar spring default setup. Please check the following video to learn how to repalce the spring of kinugawa adjustable actuator.

Now you could adjust it more tightly with preload the rod end as following steps.

1st. Step: Preload 

You can preload the actuator rod to get a higher boost pressure. please check the following 2 videos

BTW, Please make sure the manifold and the intercooler pipe that connected with the turbocharger without leak.

2nd Step: Replace it with our Big Head actuator

It can keep the valve seated longer achieving a higher peak boost, sooner
I can customize a suitable one for you if you want to choose this 2nd soultion.