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Kinugawa Upgrade Turbocharger TD04HL 15T 19T 20T 7cm Angled Flange for VOLVO 850 S70 V70 S80 99~

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Bolt-On upgrade turbo for VOLVO S60/S70/V70/C70/XC70 B5234/B5244/N2P25LT with factory TD04HL-13T/16T/18T/19T & angled turbine housing.

Replace & Upgrade factory turbo #: 49189-05000, 49189-05010, 49189-05100, 49189-05101, 49189-05102, 49189-05111, 49189-05112 (TD04HL-16T), 49189-05200, 49189-05201, 49189-05202, 49189-05210, 49189-05211, 49189-05212 (TD04HL-13T), 49189-05300, 49189-05310 (TD04HL-18T), 49189-05400, 49189-05401, 49189-05410, 49189-05411 (TD04HL-19T).1999~

The maximum power stated for each turbocharger has been calculated based strictly on the choke flow of the compressor map (total turbo capability), which represents the potential flywheel power. Performance results of this product are highly dependent upon your vehicle’s modifications and tuning/calibration.
Kinugawa Dyno Map Volvo 850 T5

- TD04HL-15T/19T/20T

Wheels Spec
Compressor wheel: 20T (47 /58mm), 19T (46 /58mm), 15T (42 /56mm) (11+0 designed for top-end speed and 6+6 for low-end torque)
- Turbine wheel: 45.6 / 52 mm 11 Blades STD or 9 Blades STS
Kinugawa 9 Blades Turbine Wheel STS
Turbines Housing
- 7cm ^ 2 Angled
Compressor Housing
- Rotated Plate Cover with BOV/Blow-off Valve or BCV/Bypass Compressor Valve (2 Options choose 1).  What's the difference between BOV and BCV, please click here for more details.

BOV (Blow-off Valve) or BCV (Bypass Compressor Valve, Recirculation)Pressure

The suggestion According to Wastegate Actuator Pressure Setup 

- 1 x Green Spring: for the boost from 5-15 Psi (0.3~1.0 Bar)

- 1 x Yellow Spring: 15-23 Psi (1.0~1.5 Bar)

- 1 x Blue Spring: 23-30 Psi (1.5~2 Bar)

Bearing Type - Journal Bearing with 360 performance thrust bearing kit

Actuator Pressure - Default 1.0bar / 14.7 psi

- We also can provide 0.5bar, 0.8bar, 1.2bar, 1.5bar,1.7bar, and 2.0bar actuator, please leave a comment when you ordered if you need to change it.

Situation code
Brand New

The set includes
1 x turbocharger 
1 x BCV or BOV
1 x Balance Report with Anti-Counterfeit Tags

Kinugawa Turbo Systems

One year

Kinugawa Turbo Systems Compressor Map TD02-TD08

Kinugawa Turbo Systems SCHENK Balancer
Kinugawa Turbo Systems Anti-Counterfeit Tag