Kinugawa Turbocharger 2.4" Inlet TD06H 60-1 for SUBARU WRX STI Bolt-On GC GD GR

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Product Features
Kinugawa for Subaru td06H turbo comes with Garrett 60-1 compress 7+7 wheel
- For Subaru EJ20 EJ25 IMPREZA GC8 / GDA / GDB / GRB / GRF single-scroll turbo.  

(inc. 2002-2007 WRX / 2004+ STI)

- Replacement of items in the warehouse.
- For the Subaru EJ20 & EJ25 engine.
- Bolt for replacement of all WRX / STI td04l, IHI RHF55 RHF5HB VF22, VF23, VF24, VF28, VF29, VF30, VF34, VF35…, and MHI TD05/TD06 turbocharger with Stock 2.4" Intake turbo.
- 2004-2016 Subaru WRX STI vehicles
- 2004-2007 Subaru Forester
- T06H 60-1

Wheels Spec
- Compressor wheel: 59 / 76 mm
- Turbine wheel: 67.5 / 58.8 mm

Compressor Housing
- Compressor inlet/outlet: 2.4"/2.0" AR60 with actuator bracket position rotation holes

Bearing Type
- Journal Bearing Systems with 360-degree thrust bearing kit

Cooling Type
- Water and Oil Cooling System

Drive Pressure
1.0 bar is a default setup
- Available to 0.3bar, 0.5bar, 0.8bar, 1.2bar, 1.5bar, 1.7bar, and 2.0bar, Please add a comment to your order if you must change it.

Boost / HP
- Horsepower: 450~500hp
- The Max boost level is limited: 2.8bar
The set includes

- 1 x oil feed line kit

- 1 x water coolant feed and return line kit

- 1 x oil return pipe kit

- 1 x turbine inlet and outlet gasket set

- 5 x stud and nut set

- 1 x Balance Report with Anti-counterfeit Tag

Situation code
- Brand New
- Full balance from Schenk MBRS110 Germany

- Kinugawa Turbo Systems

-One year
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