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Kinugawa Turbocharger 3" Inlet Anti-Surge TD06H-18K Point Milling for SUBARU Impreza WRX STi GC GD GR 520WHP

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- 2002-2014 Subaru WRX
- 2004-2016 Subaru WRX STI vehicles
- 2004-2007 Subaru Forester
- It can replace TD04L WRX turbo, for IHI VF30, vf35 ... turbo directly without modification

    This high-performance 75mm compressor blends quick response and top-end power with OE reliability. The billet 18KX billet compressor wheel utilizes their latest generation blade aero with 7 primary blades and 7 splitter blades for a max flow rate of 54lb/min. This turbo is capable of producing 500+hp with a built engine and supporting modifications.
    Kinugawa Turbo Systems Third-order surface compressor wheel


    Ruled Surface Free Surface
    Process Flank Milling Point Milling
    Machining Time Quick 15 mins.each Slow 120 mins.each
    Characters 1. Ruled Surface can be produced by Flank Milling
    2. Low efficiency
    3. Only suitable to the very easy design of compressor wheel
    4. Mainly for fundamental mechanical engineering such as Centrifugal compressor
    1. Free Surface can be only produced by Point Milling
    2. More air pressure and increase much better flow efficiency.
    3. Mainly for high efficiency turbochargers.
    CHRA Size
    - TD06H-18KX

    Wheels Spec
    - Compressor wheel: 55.1 / 75 mm (7+7 Point Milling / Third-Order Surface) 
    - Turbine wheel: 67.2 / 58.8 mm (9 Blades STS)

    Compressor Housing AR60
    - Compressor inlet : 3" hose coupler
    - Compressor outlet:  2.0"  hose coupler
    Turbines Housing
    High-Ni Thermal resistant 
    Kinugawa Subaru Turbocharger Turbine Map
    Bearing Type
    - Journal Bearing Systems with 360-degree thrust bearing kit

    Cooling Type
    - Water and Oil Cooling System

    Actuator Pressure
    1.0 bar is a default setup
    - Available to 0.3bar, 0.5bar, 0.8bar, 1.2bar, 1.5bar, 1.7bar, and 2.0bar, Please add a comment to your order if you must change it.

    Boost / HP
    - Horsepower: 450~500whp
    - The Max boost level is limited: 2.8bar
    The set includes
    - 1 x Oil supply set
    - 1 x water supply and return pipe set
    - 1 x Return Oil Pipeline
    - 1 x turbine inlet and outlet gasket
    - 5 x Stud And Nut Sets
    - 1 x Turbocharger
    - 1 x Balance Report with Anti-Counterfeit Tag 

    -Brand New
    -Full balance from SCHENK MBRS 110 Germany

    -Kinugawa Turbo Systems

    -One year

    Kinugawa STS Turbin Wheel

    Kinugawa Turbo Systems Billet Compressor Wheel and 360 Dynamic Thrust Bearing
    Kinugawa Turbo Systems Compressor Map TD02-TD08
    Kinugawa Turbo Systems SCHENK Balancer
    Kinugawa Turbo Systems Anti-Counterfeit Tag