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Kinugawa Upgrade Turbocharger TF035HL-15T for Mitsubishi Pajero Triton 4M41 DiD 3.2L 00~03

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- Mitsubishi Pajero III 3.2 Di-D 2000-2003 with the Diesel 4M41 118/121 Kw 165 Hp 3.2L Engine TF035HL-14GK, 49135-03410, 49135-03411, ME191474, ME203949, 2246666

-  for GReddy JB74W Suzuki Jimny turbo kit TF035HL 14GK 6cm replace with fast spool 4cm turbine housing and 15T compressor wheel increase 30% torque and 20% horsepower

Replace the turbo
This is an Upgrade Turbocharger which is a Direct Fit replacement for the original unit fitted to the Mitsubishi Pajero III 3.2 Di-D with the 3.2L 4M41 engine/s - No modifications are required. This turbo is a bolt-on replacement and upgrades for the original TF035HL-14GK, 2246666 unit. Increase 30% torque and 20% horsepower.

Wheels Spec
- Compressor wheel: 42 / 56 mm (Max Boost to 5bar) stock is 39.58 / 51 mm
- Turbine wheel: 43 / 37.7 mm

Turbines Housing Ar
4 cm turbine Housing

Bearing Type
-Journal Bearing with 360-degree thrust bearing kit

Cooling systems
Oil and water cooling

Drive Pressure
-1.0 bar / 14.7 psi-drive will go with Turbo.
-0.5bar, 0.8 bar, 1 bar, 1.2 bar, 1.5 bar, available 1.7 bar and 2.0 bar, Please add a comment about your order if you need to change it.

Situation code
Brand New

The set includes
- 1 x workpiece turbocharger
- 1 x turbine inlet/outlet seal set
- 1 x Return Oil Pipeline
- 1 x oil supply bolt for turbo side
- 2 x water coolant for turbo side
-1x Balance report with Anti-Counterfeit Tag

Kinugawa Turbo Systems

One year
Kinugawa Turbo Systems Billet Compressor Wheel and 360 Dynamic Thrust Bearing
Kinugawa Turbo Systems Compressor Map TD02-TD08
Kinugawa Turbo Systems SCHENK Balancer
Kinugawa Turbo Systems Anti-Counterfeit Tag