Kinugawa Turbocharger 3" Anti Surge TD05H-16KX Point Milling 6cm T3 V-Band for Toyota Land Crusier 1HZ Ultimate Fast Spool

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Product Features
  • Brand: KINUGAWA
  • Accommodation on the vehicle: Equipment Engines
  • Features: Strengthen Engine air intake
  • Manufacturer: Kinugawa Turbo Systems
  • Turbine Housing: 6cm / AR.41
  • Billet wheel 7+7 Point Milling
Product description
Kinugawa STS Tech for Toyota 1HZ diesel td05h-16KX spec turbocharger with 3" anti-surge Cover and 6 cm V-Band turbine housing provides ultimate spool time than ever.


- Kinugawa TOYOTA 1HZ 4.2L Diesel

  75/78/79/80/100 series TD05H-16KX with 6cm T3

  V-Band Turbine housing, You need an exhaust manifold with T3 flange if you want to install this turbocharger on 1HZ Engine.


Wheels Spec
-Compressor wheel: 49.6 / 68.0 mm Point Milling Third-order Surface
Ruled Surface Free Surface
Process Flank Milling Point Milling
Machining Time Quick 15 mins.each Slow 120 mins.each
Characters 1. Ruled Surface can be produced by Flank Milling
2. Low efficiency
3. Only suitable to the very easy design of compressor wheel
4. Mainly for fundamental mechanical engineering such as Centrifugal compressor
1. Free Surface can be only produced by Point Milling
2. More air pressure and increase much better flow efficiency.
3. Mainly for high efficiency turbochargers.
This high-performance 68mm compressor blends quick response and top-end power with OE reliability. The billet 16KX billet compressor wheel utilizes their latest generation blade aero with 7 primary blades and 7 splitter blades.
- Turbine wheel: 56 / 49.2 mm

Compressor Housing
- Compressor inlet: 3 " Anti-surge AR 60 with Speed Sensor Port
Turbines Housing
- Size of nozzle: 6 cm / ar.41
- Turbine input: T3
- Turbine outlet: 2.5" v-Band internal wastegate

Bearing Type
-Journal Bearing system with 360 performance thrust bearing kit

Cooling Type
-oil and water cooling

Drive Pressure
-  Default 1.0bar The drive will go with the turbo.
-We have 0.5bar, 0.8bar, 1.2bar, 1.5bar, 1.7bar, and 2.0bar drives, Please add a comment to your order if you need to change it.

Boost / HP
-Max l. sec .: 300 ~ 400 liters. from.
-The peak pressure setup is limited: 2.8bar
-Preposed pressure setup: 1.5bar

The set includes
-1 x Oil supply set
-1 x water coolant and return set
-1 x T3 gasket
-1 x V-Clamp and V-Band Socket Adapter Kit

Situation code
-Brand New
-Full balance from Schenk MBRS 950110 Germany

-Kinugawa Turbo Systems

-One year