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Kinugawa Turbo TF035HM-15T Upgrade for 4M40T Pajero Triton Shogun Challenger Oil & Water Cooled Bolt-On 98~00

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- For Mitsubishi Pajero / Triton / Delica / Shogun / challenger / Mantero 4m40t 2.8l
- For Mitsubishi 1998-Pajero II Engine 4M40 ('98eu) 
- For Mitsubishi 1998-00 Shogun Engine 4M40 ('98eu) 
- For Mitsubishi 1996 Challenger Engine 4M40 ('98eu) 
- A completely new bolt on the turbocharger. Increase 50% torque and 30% horsepower than stock tf035hm-12t

Replace the turbo
49135-03010, 49135-03110, 49135-03112, 49135-03120, 49135-03130.

This turbo comes with oil and water-cooling bearing housing that would fit the original oil-cooled. The turbo will still work well without water to cool-bearing housing.

- TF035HM-15T 

Wheels Spec
- Compressor wheel: 42/56 mm  (Billet 6+6 blades for low-end torque and Billet 11+0 blades for top-end speed)
- Turbine wheel: 42.5 / 35 mm

Turbines Housing Ar
- 4 cm turbine Housing

Bearing Type
- Journal Bearing with 360-degree thrust bearing kit

Cooling systems
Oil and water cooling

Actuator Pressure
-1.0 bar / 14.7 psi-drive will go with Turbo.
-0.5bar, 0.8 bar, 1 bar, 1.2 bar, 1.5 bar, available 1.7 bar, and 2.0 bar, Please add a comment about your order if you need to change it.

Situation code
Brand New
The set includes
- 1 x turbocharger
- 1 x turbine inlet/outlet gasket set
- 1 x oil return gasket
- 1 x oil supply bolt for turbo side
- 3 x vacuum clamps
- 1 x 30 cm vacuum
- 1 x Balance report with Anti-Counterfeit Tag

- Brand New
- Full balance from Schenk MBRS110 Germany

- Kinugawa Turbo Systems

-One year
Kinugawa STS Turbin Wheel

Kinugawa Turbo Systems Billet Compressor Wheel and 360 Dynamic Thrust Bearing
Kinugawa Turbo Systems Compressor Map TD02-TD08
Kinugawa Turbo Systems SCHENK Balancer
Kinugawa Turbo Systems Anti-Counterfeit Tag