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Kinugawa Turbo TD05H-16KX Big Head Actuator for SUBARU STI SPEC C Twin Entry Replace VF36 VF37 VF42

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Kinugawa for SUBARU TD05H-16KX turbocharger with adjustable actuator AND STS (Superior Turbine Strike) 9 blades or STS 55 10 Blades high flow turbine wheel, this twin-entry (not twin-scroll) edition features a journal-bearing cartridge, billet compressor wheel, and 10cm^2 housing. Because billet compressor wheel the overall weight of the wheel is lighter than competing turbochargers and allows for maximum airflow throughout the unit with the help of point milling on each blade. 

The Big Head Actuator feature: Under a high boost level, the normal type actuator's weak spring allows the wastegate to blow open, limiting midrange torque. Bleed orifices just make it worse. The problem can be solved by replacing the boost actuator. Kinugawa Big Head Adjustable Actuator holds the wastegate closed for quicker boost, then controls the opening to maintain peak boost for superior acceleration and mid-range towing or pulling power.

  • Quick and Controlled Boost
  • Produces massive torque right from idle
  • Increases diaphragm area & spring pressure
  • Keeps valve seated longer achieving higher peak boost, sooner
  • Crisp acceleration and more mid-range pulling power

For more advantages please visit "Big Head vs. Normal Head"

- It can replace IHI RHF5HB VF36 VF42, RHF55 VF37 without modification
- 2007MY WRX STI Spec C Type RA-Rs 
- Horsepower Range: 350~450whp
The maximum power stated for each turbocharger has been calculated based strictly on the choke flow of the compressor map (total turbo capability), which represents the potential flywheel power. Performance results of this product are highly dependent upon your vehicle’s modifications and tuning/calibration.

Wheels Spec
- Compressor wheel: 49.6 / 68.0 mm 7+7 Point Milling / Third-order Surface
Kinugawa Turbo Systems Third-order surface compressor wheel
Free Surface Ruled Surface
Process Point Milling Flank Milling
Machining Time Slow 120 mins.each Quick 15 mins. each

1. Free Surface can be only produced by Point Milling
2. More air pressure and increase much better flow efficiency.
3. Mainly for high-efficiency turbochargers.

1. Ruled Surface can be produced by Flank Milling
2. Low efficiency
3. Only suitable to the very easy design of compressor wheel
4. Mainly for fundamental mechanical engineering such as Centrifugal compressor

Turbine wheel: 56 / 49.2 mm 
Feature: The STS (Superior Turbine Strike) turbine wheel. It will take a shorter time (decrease 5-8%) to build a boost and, at higher RPM, prevent choking easier because it's less inertia and restrictive than an 11 or 12 blades turbine.

Compressor Housing
- Compressor inlet: 57.0 mm / 2.25 " AR .57
- Compressor outlet : 47.6 mm

Turbines Housing 
- A/R: 10 cm / .73
- Twin Entry Flange to fit the stock manifold not Twin Scroll

Bearing Type
- Journal Bearing with a performance 360-degree thrust bearing kit

Cooling Type
- oil and water cooling

Spring Pressure
- 1.0 bar is as a default

Kinugawa Turbo Systems Big Head Spring Setup Table

The set includes
- 1 x Oil supply set
- 1 x water coolant and return pipe set
- 1 x turbine and outlet gasket
- 5 x Stud and nut sets
- 1 x Return Oil Pipeline
- 1 x Turbocharger
- 1 x Balance Report with Anti-Counterfeit Tag 

- Brand New
- Complete SCHENCK balanced

- Kinugawa Turbo Systems

- One year

Kinugawa STS Superior Turbine Strike Technology Evolution

Kinugawa Turbo Systems Billet Compressor Wheel and 360 Dynamic Thrust Bearing
Kinugawa Turbo Systems Compressor Map TD02-TD08
Kinugawa Subaru Turbocharger Turbine Map
Kinugawa Turbo Systems SCHENK Balancer
Kinugawa Turbo Systems Anti-Counterfeit Tag