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Kinugawa Adjustable Single & Dual Ports Intergated 2 in 1 Turbo Big Head Wastegate Actuator

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Under a high boost level, the stock actuator's weak spring allows the wastegate to blow open, limiting midrange torque. Bleed orifices just make it worse. The problem can be solved by replacing the boost actuator. Kinugawa Big Head Adjustable Actuator holds the wastegate closed for quicker boost, then controls the opening to maintain peak boost for superior acceleration and mid-range towing or pulling power.

  • Quick and Controlled Boost
  • Produces massive torque right from idle
  • Increases diaphragm area & spring pressure
  • Keeps valve seated longer achieving higher peak boost, sooner
  • Crisp acceleration and more mid-range pulling power

For more advantages please visit "Big Head vs. Normal Head", If you need an instruction just email us to inquire.


- Single Port and Dual Ports Exchangeable. 2 In 1 Integrated

Spring Pressure

3 PSI Inner / 5 PSI Inner / 7 PSI Middle / 11 PSI Middle / 10 PSI Outer / 7 PSI Outer

 Rod Spec

- Rod Length: 130mm, 150mm, 165mm, 180mm

Kinugawa Big Head Adjustable Wastegate Actuator Pressure Setup

Kit incl.
- 1 x Dual Ports Adjustable Actuator Head(1.0bar spring will go with this actuator.)
- 6 x Springs
- 5 x Straight Rods
- 1 x End fitting (Hole 6.2mm)
- 2 x Nut for Connecting Bracket
- 1 x Nut for rod
- 1 x Dual port block fitting
- 1 x Vice tool
- 1 x Instruction with an anti-counterfeit tag

[Download Instruction]

Product Situation

- Brand New

- Spring surface paint is used to distinguish color and does not affect the function of the spring.


The internal wastegate actuator is designed to have 2mm of preload applied to the rod during installation. Please ensure that this is set accordingly. For a clevis type application, when installing the onto the wastegate valve arm, make sure that there is 2mm of preload. Then use compressed air - the amount of air pressure applied should be slightly higher than what the Big Head actuator spring is rated to. (do not apply air
pressure supply higher than 3 bar (40psi) gauge). This is required to pressurize the Big Head actuator so that the clevis can be hooked onto the wastegate valve arm easily. Remember to reinstall the standard R-Clip or circlip to secure the clevis to the wastegate valve arm. Then tighten the rod nut to secure the clevis onto the rod.