Kinugawa STS Advanced Ball Bearing Super Core Turbo Cartridge CHRA Kit TD06H-25G 4" Cover Universal Oil and Water Cooled

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Product Features
  • Brand: KINUGAWA
  • Accommodation on the vehicle: Strengthen / Replace Turbo Chargers & Parts
  • For car makes / model: Subaru
  • Features: Strengthen Engine air intake
  • Manufacturer: Kinugawa Turbo Systems
  • Compressor Wheel: Billet Wheel
  • Turbine Wheel: 9 Blades Wheel STS (High Flow)
  • Horse Power Range: 400~600HP
Product description
Kinugawa STS Advanced ball bearing systems improve the response speed (time needed to build boost) 10-15% as well as being more durable due to the improved shaft dynamics control. The increased power comes from the enhanced design. It utilizes an inner and outer race with rollers or balls between the two races. The inner race is pressed onto the turbo shaft and the outer race is pressed into the CHRA. The rollers or balls replace the oil’s “job” of controlling the turbo shaft’s orientation but do still need to be lubricated. This improved design does come at a cost though. Ball-bearing CHRA’s are 15-35% more expensive than a comparable journal bearing CHRA and are not easily rebuild-able.

For Mitsubishi, Kinugawa TD06H series turbochargers 
- TD06H 25G Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing

Wheels Spec
- Compressor wheel: 60.5 / 78.0 mm (6+6)
- Turbine wheel:  67.0 / 58.8 mm (9 blades) STS 

Bearing Type
-Ceramic Ball Bearing

Cooling Type
- Oil and Water Cooling System

The set includes
- 1 x CHRA
- 1 x Compressor Cover
- 1 x Fitting SET
- 1x Balance Report with Anti-Counterfeit tag

- Brand New
- Full balance from SCHENK MBRS 110 Germany

-Kinugawa Turbo Systems

-One year