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Kinugawa Adjustable Internal Wastegate Actuator for Garrett GT28 GTX28 GT30 GTX30 GT35 GTX35 Turbocharger

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Kinugawa Adjustable Billet Turbo Actuator for Garrett GT25 / GT28 / GT30 / GT35 w/ Full Spring
- For Garrett GT25R, GT28R, GT30R, GT35R, GT40R, GTX28R, GTX30R, GTX35R, GTX40R turbochargers which have bolted type compressor housing with AR60.
- For journal bearing type and ball bearing type turbo.
- For Garrett P/N: 773151-2
- End fitting central hole: 6.0 mm
- rod end thread pitch: M6 x 0.75 mm
- 1.0 bar / 14.7 Psi Spring installed.
- We could offer 0.3Bar, 0.5Bar, 0.8Bar, 1.2Bar, 1.5Bar, 1.7Bar, and 2.0Bar Springs, Please add comments on your order if you need to change it.
Item Includes
- 1 x 1.0 bar actuator body
- 1 x bracket
- 3 x rod (2 x 140mm and 1 x 120mm)
- 3 x end fitting
- 3 x nut
- 1x Anti-counterfeit tage
Item Situation
- Brand New
Supplier / Manufacturer
- Kinugawa Turbo Systems

- Spring surface paint is used to distinguish color and does not affect the function of the spring.

Billet adjustable actuator spring setup