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Kinugawa STS Advanced Ball Bearing Turbo 3" Anti-Surge Super Core CHRA TD06SL2R-18G for Mitsubishi EVO 9 4G63T

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- For Mitsubishi EVO 9 4G63T RS GRS MR FQ
- For Horsepower Range: 350~420HP
Compressor Housing 
3.15" anti-surge
Reverse TD6SL2R-18G

Wheels Spec
- Compressor wheel: 50.3 / 68 mm (In./Ex. Diameter) 
- Turbine wheel: 54 / 61 mm (Ex./In. Diameter) Inconel 713 
Bearing Type
- Dual Ceramic Ball Bearing

Cooling systems
Oil and water cooling

Brand New

Kinugawa Turbo Systems

One year
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