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How we pick your return items by TNT Express?

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Not all return items we will offer a free return service by TNT except we agree with each other, please email ( or FB messenger to ask for an RMA number before we pick your items up. Here is the instruction for Return and Refund. We will be responsible for the return shipping fee and you will receive a TNT email when the return process activated, please confirm it.

First, please well package the return items in one box.

Second, after printing the attached documents we email you, the example just as following the retrun labels show:
- page1: Shipping label: One label per package will be printed. Affix the label firmly to the top of each of your packages making sure that the bar code is not obscured.
- page 2~3: Consignment note: 2 copies will be printed.
- page 4~7: Commercial invoice: 4 copies will be printed.
- page 8~9: Detailed manifest: 2 copies will be printed. Give both copies to our driver, who will sign one for you to keep as a receipt.
Please make sure you sign on pages 2~9 before giving them to the TNT driver.

Last,  the box and all documents should be given to the TNT driver.

The pickup number is TPY 849684; the bill number is 229880598.
If the courier does not yet arrive on time, please inform us.

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