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Super Core Mitsubishi Starion

The Mitsubishi Starion was a two-door, turbocharged four-cylinder rear-wheel drive four-seat hatchback sports car that was manufactured by Mitsubishi from 1982 to 1989. Rebadged variants were marketed in North America as the Conquest under the Chrysler, Dodge, and Plymouth brands. The Starion is one of the first modern Japanese turbocharged performance automobiles with electronic fuel injection

Base - 1983
LS - 1983-85
LE - 1984-87
ES - 1984-85
ESI - 1985.5-1988, intercooled
ESI-R - widebody only 1986-89, intercooled

Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth Conquest:
TSI - widebody 1986-89, intercooled
Technica (this was a narrow-body package without intercooler)