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For Ford Falcon XR6

The Turbo model of the XR6 comes with all of the features of the standard XR6 plus 18 x 8-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, limited-slip differential, and upgraded front brakes (322mm rotors instead of the standard 298mm) without any option for 328mm x 26mm ventilated rear discs as found on BF Mk1 XR6T and XR8 models, losing on the braking capacity overall with 303mmx16mm solid rear discs, the same hardware found on the original BA XT from 2002. It uses the same 4.0L I6 Turbo engine that is found in the G6E Turbo. The six-speed automatic transmission used in turbocharged models is the 6HP26 which is rated to handle more torque than the 6HP21 used in non-turbo models.