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 - BMW N20 features a twin-scroll turbocharger, double-VANOS (variable valve timing), Valvetronic (variable valve lift), direct injection, automatic stop-start, and an electric water pump. The N20 was sold alongside the smaller displacement BMW N13 turbocharged four-cylinder engine. The N20 has placed in Wards Top 10 Engines in 2012.

- BMW N55 cars built with the Pneumatic Wastegate (PWG) & Electronic Wastegate (EWG) Replacement for stock B03 Turbo P/N 1853-988-0007, 1853-970-0001, and 1853-988-0001 Upgraded with billet wheel and larger high flow turbine wheel, it can gain a 15%~40% increase in HP than cast aluminum stock wheel turbo.

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